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Online Property Tax Payment

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Salt Lake County hopes that you find paying your property taxes online a quick and simple process. Before continuing please make sure that you have the following information readily available:

Browser Requirements

To use the online payment system your web browser must meet the following conditions:


Step 1 – Read and accept the Terms and Conditions of paying property taxes online.

Step 2 – Select your method of Payment.

Salt Lake County accepts three forms of payment for paying online:

If you use a debit or credit card the processing bank charges a separate fee from the tax payment. Currently, utilizing the e-Check method is free. The fee schedule is as follows.  
Payment Type Fee Information
e-Check $0 Electronic check payment
Visa Debit $3.95 Flat fee on any payment amount
M/C Debit & Credit Cards 2.5% Of the payment amount with a minimum fee of $2.00

Step 3 – Enter Parcel Number.

Step 4 – Review the taxes due on the parcel and then add the parcel to your shopping cart. During this step, a partial tax payment may be made by modifying the "amount to pay" pre-entered in the form.

Step 5 – Review Shopping Cart Detail. Review the details of the selected parcel. You may at this time remove the selected parcel or add another parcel to the cart.

Step 6 – Provide contact information and, if paying with e-check, account information.

Step 7 – Verify contact and account information.

Step 8 – Enter pin number(s) for parcel(s) contained in the cart from the property tax notice and finalize the payment. When using a credit/debit card for payment you will be redirected to Official Payments Corp’s web site to provide your credit/debit card information. At the end of the transaction you will receive an acknowledgment. If you do not receive an acknowledgment the transaction was not processed.

Step 9 – Print the acknowledgment page for your records.

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